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cosmetic pesticides

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Pesticides kill non-target organisms in the soil and water. They stay in the environment for years. Toxicity from the interaction effects of different pesticides in the soil and water are insufficiently studied and unknown.

Pesticides are associated with lung, breast, brain, prostate, stomach, kidney, and pancreatic cancers along with Hodgkin's lymphoma and leukemia. Pesticides threaten reproductive health, contribute to underweight babies and birth defects.

The Pesticide Commmittee has worked successfully to have the District of Sechelt (DOS) pass a Bylaw to Ban the Cosmetic Use of Pesticides in February 2008. We needed this bylaw to help protect people, animals, and the environment from the harmful effects of pesticides.

With passage of the bylaw, the DOS allocated $8,000 over the next two years for an educational campaign to help people get their lawns and gardens off pesticides. They have provided convenient, free drop off sites for the pesticides. They have sponsored free workshops to help people use non-toxic products and plant so they don't need pesticides at all. They have also printed a brochure for residents that give good tips on alternatives to the toxins. Education, not enforcement, is the approach. While the DOS is doing its part to educate the residents, it's really up to all of us to eliminate pesticides and to get the word out to friends and neighbors. Most people want to stop using pesticides once they learn of the dangers, but often they don't know how to garden without pesticides.

There are alternatives. Personnel at most of the nurseries and garden supply stores on the Sunshine Coast have alternative products and can give suggestions. Just ask for and insist upon the non-toxic alternatives. This website provides links to other websites that provide copious materials. They could answer any question you have.

This bylaw will be reviewed in two years to see if it's effective and if there's community support. It's worth the effort for all of us to be part of the education campaign as individuals and as an organization."

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