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efficient wood stoves
Better for the Environment

Emissions from wood smoke can be reduced - indoors and out - by learning to burn more efficiently and by improving your wood-burning practices. Replacing your existing wood burner with a new-technology appliance that meets EPA and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) emissions standards can help to further reduce the emissions of pollutants by up to 90 percent.

The SCCAS is working to educate people about the serious health hazards of operating old wood stoves and fireplaces that do not meet EPA and CSA standards.

More Convenient to Use

Advanced-combustion wood-burning units produce a more stable fire, so you spend less time fiddling with the controls. Remember the most important rule: Never let the fire smoulder. As long as there is solid wood in the firebox, there should be active flames. Without flames, smoke will escape unburned, reducing efficiency and increasing pollution. With advanced systems, you can achieve a reliable overnight burn while maintaining flaming combustion and still have enough charcoal in the morning to kindle a new fire.

Wood Stove Exchange Program

The Sunshine Coast Clean Air Society in partnership with the BC Lung Association and the Ministry of Health will be offering a wood stove exchange program. This program provides a financial incentive for owners of inefficient, older wood stoves to trade them in for a modern, efficient and clean burning new one. An educational workshop will be offered that will teach participants how to get the most btu's out of their wood, through proper wood drying techniques and wood stove use. This workshop will be free for all participants.

For more information, contact:
Jools Andres
Wood Stove Exchange Director

Participating Woodstove Exchange Program Vendors

  • Cozy Homes - Colleen 4349 Sunshine Coast Hwy Wilson Ck, BC V0N 3A1 604-885-4884
  • Thomas Heating - Dana 1081 Seamount Way 604-886-7111
  • Home Hardward - Gibsons & Sechelt 921 Gibsons Way, P.O. Box 1039. Gibsons, BC V0N 1V0 - 5484 Trail Avenue Sechelt, BC V0N 3A0 (Dan) 604-886-2442 604-885-9828
  • Sechelt Fireplace - Tiffany 5654 Wharf Street Sechelt 604-885-7171
  • Home Hardware Lumber Yard 5630 Wharf Road, Box 1700. Sechelt, BC V0N 3A0 604 885-5818
  • Steve Christian Contracting 604-885-7167
  • Clean Sweep 10116 Sunshine Coast Hwy Halfmoon Bay, BC V0N 1Y2 604-885-1938

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