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Ventilation Index
The ventilation index is a measure of the atmosphere's ability to disperse pollution. A ventilation index of '0' implies no ability of the atmosphere to disperse pollutants (smoke) while a value of '100' implies an excellent ability to disperse pollutants.

When the ventilation index for a given area has a rating of 54 or below, it is illegal to open burn anywhere on the Sunshine Coast. The Sunshine Coast falls under the Central Vancouver Island (look for CNTRL VAN ISLD on the ventilation index page) jurisdiction for the venting index.

If the burn you are reporting is a land clearing or commercial burn, contact the conservation officer and leave a message.

Conservation officer: 1-877-952-7277

For all other burns contact your local fire department:

Egmont: 604-883-2555
Gibsons: 604-885-6870 Halfmoon Bay: 604-885-5712
Madeira Park: 604-883-9011 Garden Bay: 604-883-9922
Malaspina: 604-487-9911
Port Mellon: 604-884-5222
Roberts Creek: 604-885-6871 Sechelt: 604-885-7017

View the ventilation index for the Sunshine Coast/Central Vancouver Island area