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Clean Air - Smells Good to Me

By Jools Andrés
SCCAS Programs Coordinator

I recently worked on a two-month contract from an office downtown. It was exciting to be a city dweller again with so much to do and see. And smell. All around me, indoors and out…food, exhaust, people, garbage.

I stayed in a suite in East Vancouver. My commute was 20 minutes by bus and during breaks I often took a five-minute walk to the waterfront of Coal Harbour. There was great coffee on every corner and public transit meant I didn't drive my car at all.

After one 11-day stint I ventured back to the Sunshine Coast. I took the 7:20 pm ferry from Horseshoe Bay, then drove to Upper Roberts Creek where I live. It was a clear night and stars twinkled above -- they became brighter as I got farther from the highway lights and above the marine air.

I opened my car door once I reached my home and … whoa! The air was fantastic. Clean and fresh. So different from the air I had become accustomed to in the city.
What is it about fresh air that is so…well, so refreshing? In a nutshell: less pollution and therefore fewer odours. Our sense of smell gives us necessary information, but it quickly adapts to most aromas, whether cinnamon buns or noxious fumes, or to absence of smells, in the case of fresh air.

Olfactory phenomenon aside, breathing fresh air makes us feel healthier, happier, and more energetic. One of the main pollutants on the Sunshine Coast is from wood fires. In December the SCCAS held a Burn It Smart workshop, where attendees learned how to reduce smoke and improve heat efficiency. A synopsis of this event is featured in the upcoming SCCAS newsletter, which will be distributed to members and added to this website.

Our Woodstove Exchange Program is now in full swing with over 25% of allotted funds paid out to participants who have replaced their old wood heating appliances with new, certified, efficient ones.

For more information on reducing pollution from burning, please see our Open Burning section.

Fresh air is a quality that we should protect and treasure. We can do this by making sensible lifestyle choices both outdoors and indoors. We welcome dialogue and feedback. Visit our Facebook page and 'Like' us and follow us on Twitter @CleanAirSociety.

Participating Woodstove Exchange Program Vendors

Cozy Homes - Colleen 4349 Sunshine Coast Hwy Wilson Ck, BC V0N 3A1 604-885-4884
Thomas Heating - Dana 1081 Seamount Way 604-886-7111
Home Hardward - Gibsons & Sechelt 921 Gibsons Way, P.O. Box 1039. Gibsons, BC V0N 1V0 - 5484 Trail Avenue Sechelt, BC V0N 3A0 (Dan) 604-886-2442 604-885-9828
Sechelt Fireplace - Tiffany 5654 Wharf Street Sechelt 604-885-7171
Steve Christian Contracting 604-885-7167
Clean Sweep 10116 Sunshine Coast Hwy Halfmoon Bay, BC V0N 1Y2 604-885-1938