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News and Blog

Progress and more progress for the SCCAS

Tymax Industries has been approved for a curtain burner to be located near Sechelt. They have advised us that they will not be proceeding with the burner and will instead grind and compost or ship out wood waste generated from the mine site. This will alleviate concerns about smoke from the curtain burner as well as drastically reduce or eliminate the smoke that has been produced in the past. We are meeting with Tymax on June 26 to hear about their plans to dispose of biomass responsibly.

We are currently working on proposals for bylaw changes for all areas of the Coast and should have a presentation ready in July. These changes will address all outdoor burning.

We received a corporate donation of $1,000 this month and we have received a grant of $2,400 for the Wood Stove change out program and expect more grant money for the program in the Fall. We have done some advertising in the local papers which has increased our profile and membership. The District of Sechelt has asked to work with us on the wood stove program. We will be sending out a brochure to all residents of the Sunshine Coast advertising the program. We plan to do this in conjunction with a fireplace dealer.

There was a presentation to the District of Sechelt Committee of the Whole on June 10, 2009 by Heather Waddell under the banner of the SCCAS, concentrated on the smoke pollution that comes from land clearing and development. It touched on serious lung health issues, the topography of the area and confusion over open burning regulations. The result was a recommendation "that staff, in consultation with the Chief of the Sechelt Volunteer Fire Department, prepare a report on potential amendments to the Backyard Burning Bylaw to restrict land clearing burns." It is hoped that other concerned stakeholders will have a say, perhaps by forming a working committee.