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Want to join the Sunshine Coast Tobacco Task Force??

I don’t know… what is it?

The Sunshine Coast Tobacco Task Force will be a small, effective, community-based working group that looks at advancing tobacco free spaces on the Coast. It will be supported by Vancouver Coastal Health’s Tobacco Reduction Coordinator and the Canadian Cancer Society. We hope we will have fun while taking concrete steps towards healthier and more beautiful communities (and perhaps support our communities to catch up with the dozens of other communities across BC that are enacting more progressive smoking bylaws – including our neighbours in Powell River and Squamish!).

Sounds great! How do I get involved?

Due to the high level of interest so far, we are initiating a process to help us select a small, well-rounded group. This group will be comprised of 2-4 residents from each community along the Sunshine Coast and will then find a way to engage everyone else who is interested. If you want to be involved with this central Task Force, please take a second to read over the attached document and respond to the questions (no pressure - have fun and use point form) by December 20th.

Does this have anything to do with the Smoking Bylaw Survey I filled out this summer?

Yes, if you are not sure why you received this it might be because of a box that you checked off in that survey. We are holding off on publishing the results of the survey until the Task Force is up and running, but for now we can tell you there is a lot of support for smoke free spaces on the Coast!

Okay, but I have more questions…

Some of your questions might be answered looking at this document: http://planh.ca/sites/default/files/tools-resources/planh_tobacco_reduction_guide-web.pdf

With any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact:

Caitlin Etherington, MPH
Regional Tobacco Reduction Coordinator
Sunshine Coast/Powell River
5571 Inlet Ave. Sechelt BC, V0N 3A0
Tel: 604 885 8708
Cell: 604 740 7610