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Working with the District of Sechelt toban land clearing burns by developers

The Sunshine Coast Clean Air Society is working with the Mayor and Counsellors of the District of Sechelt to amend the current burn bylaw by banning the burning of land clearing debris by developers. This ban will improve air quality.

Alternatives to burning are now available, such as chipping and grinding through Salish Soils, a Sechelt business. Salish Soils takes land debris and garden wastes, mixes them with fish wastes from the fish farms, and by applying high heat, turns all this waste into compost and top soil. It's a local, green, sustainable business.

In addition, the Clean Air Society is working to maintain a total ban on back yard burning. Homeowners can mulch and chip without resorting to burning. They can also take their garden wastes to the land fill for free thus, again, negating the need to burn. A good educational effort is needed to help homeowners transition to non-burning alternatives.

So much is now known about the health hazards of smoke and invisible particulate matter on the lungs due to open burning. Since there are alternatives to burning, we should come out strongly in favor of health and protect against respiratory diseases.
Campfires for food and ceremonial purposes are still allowed.

Please encourage people you know to chip, mulch, or take their debris to the landfill for free. This helps us all with cleaner air.

by Elizabeth McNeill